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You just can’t turn creativity on like a faucet.

We mentioned before that Dornwell has its group show coming up 19 June at Railway Street Studios, and the studio is a hive of activity and sometimes panic.

Here is the poster on the wall in our kitchen which always makes you smile as we make that next cup of tea.


“Art is a lifetime matter. The best any artist can do is to accumulate all the knowledge possible of art and its principles, study nature and practice continually.” (Edgar Payne, 1883-1947)

Beyond “So what?”

Found this today. Fingers crossed.

There’s a natural human tendency to lean on and repeat that which we do well. This is okay if we’re cranking out donuts or widgets. But as self-anointed creative artists, our daily joy and progress rest on our ability to jump beyond our safety. Look steadily and imaginatively at the blah in front of you. Given time and contemplation, your new level will stealthily appear. When “So what?” strikes, we ask ourselves “What now?”

Robert Genn