Trevor Bayly

Painter, photographer, sculptor

In my art practice I am interested in simple geometric forms, often those that incorporate sacred geometry and the golden mean. I like to present these forms in a new and different way. I have purposely avoided welding or any mode of manufacture as I want the object to be totally handmade. I prefer sculpture that has been handmade, where the hand of the artist is evident through imperfections and randomness that are not present using more mass production techniques. For example I have avoided using any form of welding. Entropy is a simple sphere delineated in space by a series of circular hoops connected together. It both delineates the surface and the volume within. The method of construction lends the object to cast interesting shadows when placed in sunlight or artificial light. The transient nature of shadows cast contrast the permanence of the materials used. The spherical form references sport, planetary systems, Euclidean space. The word sphere is derived from the Greek word sphaira which means globe or ball. Of all the shapes, a sphere has the smallest surface area for a volume. The sphere appears in nature whenever a surface wants to be as small as possible. Examples include bubbles and water drops. I was selected as a finalist with work in the Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Award 2013.

–          Trevor Bayly

Phone: 021 740 120

Contact Details / Postal Address:
Art Escape Address
13 Wigmore Crescent, Hahei

All year round contact:
P.O. Box 26214 Epsom, Auckland, 1050
09 524 4296

Gallery Address:
13 Wigmore Crescent, Hahei
Open 10am – 4pm during Mercury Bay Art Escape and by appointment at all other times


1 thought on “Trevor Bayly

  1. Priyani Weihena

    Hi Mr Trevor Bayly, It is glad to know that you are a great Artist because I have known you only as one of my future Vendors in Epsom area.
    Please email me or call me when ever you have a time.

    Best Regards


    Harcourts Real Estate


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