Amy MacKinnon

Amy MacKinnon’s biomorphic abstracts are organically evolved explorations of liminal perceptions.

‘I’m interested in the tension between what we see and how we feel about it. I value uncertainty in my practice, although – or because – it makes me uncomfortable.

There’s this notion of the liminal, ‘to lie between otherwise defined areas without belonging to either of them’. This is what I’m fascinated by, that threshold between sensing and seeing; the uncertain apprehension of something only half glimpsed that is somehow more potent for its strangeness.

One of many excited notes to self from my studio* reads: “artists and scientists both try to capture or describe a phenomenon in reality”. For me that phenomenon is the unknown.’

* Scrawled on the back of a chewing gum packet, probably while listening to National Radio. *

**Alas, the source is not noted.


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