Monthly Archives: February 2015

Jasmine Kamante and Jesper Sundwall are joining Dornwell Studios!

Currently in New York and about to travel back to New Zealand, Jasmine and Jesper are joining us at Dornwell Studios for at least the next six months. We are very excited to have them join our little community!

Jasmine Kamante is a classically trained artist who focuses on figurative narratives. Her extensive studies of the human figure in ateliers in Florence and Paris help her to capture and reveal expressions and body language in an honest and accurate way to create a visual story. Her works draw on her experiences exploring her own identity and sense of belonging as someone of a mixed nationality. They are organically grown through observation, imagination and experimentation with the physicality of materials, colour and light.


Jesper Sundwall is a classically trained painter with a background in graphic design. His work ranges from contemporary realism to more abstract explorations of his subject matter. His current body of work explores the traditional still life.

And on other studio news, the date for our annual Dornwell Studios exhibition at Railway Street Studios is 19th June – more details to come on that one.


Visit our space through the eyes of Artists Alliance

Artists Alliance visited our shared artist space ‘Dornwell Studios’ recently and spoke to some of our current residents about the studio and what it’s like to share a space with other artists.

Great reading and love the photographs…