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The Collector’s Collection Exhibition – Trevor Bayly and Jo Dalgety

A small gallery on the Coromandel at Tairua called The Little Gallery of Fine Arts invited it’s stable of artists to submit a painting to The Collector’s Collection Exhibition. Myself and Trevor Bayly happen to be among that group of artists and we duly submitted.

Last night was the champagne, nibbles and evening at The Little Gallery. Warwick Henderson, highly respected art collector and author of ‘Behind the Canvas’  made the selection of work he believes is collectable. And Trevor and I were selected. Very thrilled to be.

'Cruciform' by Trevor Bayly

‘Cruciform’ by Trevor Bayly

'Field of Dreams' by Trevor Bayly

‘Field of Dreams’ by Trevor Bayly

'After Patinir: Crying aloud in the wilderness' by Jo Dalgety

‘After Patinir: Crying aloud in the wilderness’ by Jo Dalgety

Carole Shepheard, Tony Howse and Kate Hill were the others selected. Very good company!


Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

The great graphic is by our very own Amy MacKinnon, who works for the Mental Health Foundation in her day job. And also frequently runs cartoon courses..