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10 Pieces of Advice for Artists

New York magazine senior art critic Jerry Saltz gave a speech at the the Expo Chicago fair this year and gave these pieces of advice for artists. “Art is about experience. Nobody listens to a song and says, ‘I don’t understand that.’”

1. Go to an art school that doesn’t cost too much. Those who go to Yale and Columbia might get a nine-month career bump right after graduation, but you’ll all be back on the same level in a year, and you won’t be in as much debt.

2. Envy will eat you alive.

3. Stay up late with each other after all the professors go to sleep. Support one another.

4. You can’t think your way through an art problem. As John Cage said, “Work comes from work.”

5. Follow your obsessions. If you love the Cubs that much, maybe they need to be in your work.

6. Don’t take other people’s ideas of skill. Do brain surgery with an axe.

7. Don’t define success by money, but by time.

8. Do not let rejection define you.

9. Don’t worry about getting enough sleep. Worry about your work.

10. Be delusional. It’s okay to tell yourself you’re a genius sometimes.

The points have been paraphrased by Julia Halperin, ArtInfo.

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” – Isaac Asimov


A place of creative incubation…

“This is the place of creative incubation. At first, you may find nothing happens there. But, if you have a sacred place and use it, take advantage of it, something will happen.”  – Joseph Campbell

Been talking a lot lately it seems, about studios, shed and sacred places, and I thought this quote was very apt.

Check out this collection of photos of artists’ studios.

Helen Frankenthaler

A group show feat at FERARI

Saloon Des Ferari

Sam Montgomery Mikey Sperring Toby Raine Sandy Son George Hamilton Michelle Beattie Michael Mitchell Ronan Lee Heidi Brickell Rose Hansen Jessica Pearless Anton Parsons Nicky Verdon Sam Angrignon Bob van der Wal Mason Vincent Chris Dennis Alice Wong Steff Wilson Johl Dwyer Robbie Fraser Clinton Richards Anthony Cribb Selina Woulfe Jodie Salmond Natasha Cantwell Daphne Simon Mark O’Donnell Ben Barlow Linden Simmons Sophie Bannan Glenn Otto Imogen Taylor Ahilapalapa Rands Susie Thomas Amy Potenger Fritha Hobbs Fats White Jessica Driver Neeve Woodward Jessamyn Genning Dylan Scott Joseph Griffen and Dawson Clutterbuck Catherine Fookes Joanna Galvin Richard Orjis Joseph Nerney Rebecca Steedman Angus Kerr Rita Sorotheno Nick Coldicutt Matt Coldicutt Sophie McMillan Elliot Stewart Anna Rankin Daniel Ellison Harriet Potter Nigel Collins.

They are having a bbq and drinks to celebrate the end of 2012!
Go on down to Ferari to check out some art, buy a piece for a xmas present, eat some food, have a drink and chat with some people.

Sue Hellings in BLANK Gallery Portslade

Katie Thornton came down to help Sue hang the show.

“It’s all gone really well and has been very useful to see the work exhibited so I can move forward!”
Well done Sue!!

Tired but happy…

open day email

Mark Bosley, Amy MacKinnon, Jo Dalgety, Debra East, Susan Thomas and Jane Thorne – at the end of our Open Studio Day on Saturday, very worn but happy. We had a very steady stream of people through all afternoon, chatting, looking, discussing and sometimes buying.

The painting beside Mark belongs to Amy Mac.

2013’s Open Day is Saturday 7th December. Looking forward to it.